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I’m Tabbitha, and this is my cozy alcove of cyberspace. Here I display a bit of my creative work. I hope you feel at home as you navigate through.

First, a disclaimer:

I think most folks who put pen to paper are somewhat hesitant to call themselves writers. There’s something so entirely daunting about taking on that title. I wonder if most creatives feel inept to embody all that it may mean. Yet, I suspect that if we’re simply more of a writer than we are not, we can safely say we have been endowed that gift. And what a gift it is!

I have known from the time that I was seven years old that I wanted to be a writer. Actually, a grownup had taught me the word “lyricist” and I ran with that for a while. Since that time, I’ve spent much of my energy jotting down song lyrics, story concepts, arranging plots in my head, and telling my own narrative alongside my everyday life. But, it took rounding out 40 years before I finally decided to give myself permission to really write like I mean it. I think I’ve realized that I will never feel qualified to do my life, but there it goes, strutting ahead, so I might as well just run with it. And so here I am.

In addition to writing, I also dabble in design: digital; interior; and woodworking. I relish pulling odds and ends together to create something resourceful and cohesive. I get excited over concepts and developing them. Brainstorming is second nature for me, and I love a good design challenge, especially interior with budget restraints (this may be my everyday life) and I pride myself on making functional things out of junk.

My most compelling muses are the garden and my children. Also, my right brain is hyper vigilant, which translates to misplaced car keys most days. You simply can’t have it all (at least not all at the same time). I’m a junkie for beauty and sense, and seeing both fleshed out in artistic expression.

Does something strike a chord? I’d love to hear. Feel free to reach out as I enjoy great company.